The early-idea special. And Molly.

**originally posted on myspace way back on January 19th**

Ideas for writing hatch periodically throughout the day for me. It’s up to me whether I want to give those ideas a nest, let them grow into fledgling ideas, feed them, spend time with them, let them grow into fully-fleshed thoughts and push them out of the nest; Or, I can neglect them, and ensure they’ll never leave the drafty impermanence of my mind. Sometimes it’ll just be a line or two or character description I think sounds particularly good, other times it will be an “I’ve noticed that…” dealing with eccentricities in our decidedly banal lives. Whatever degree of usefulness the thought holds doesn’t matter. The good ones always survive in twisted, Darwinian fashion.

Sometimes you have to indulge a little. Humor me as I “countdown” my top friends here on Myspace, listing how we met, my favorite memory of them, etc. Mostly this is for my amusement.

Starting at the bottom, first up is Molly.

Wow, Molly. You’ve always been one person I can trust, run to, complain to, confide in, and rely on. You’ve taught me a lot about what being a good friend means, and the impact you’ve left on me is more of a crater. I’m sorry for the way things turned out, Molly. It’s not enough to say that they happened because they were supposed to happen, that that’s what fate had in store. I don’t believe in that. For whatever reasons, things got FUBAR. I’ll miss you.
How We Met: Haha, I don’t remember exactly meeting Molly, but I do remember she told me she loved my family before even knowing me.
Favorite Memory: Plenty to sift through, but I have to say my favorite memories I have of you are when you were in Pennsylvania and I was in Mexico. That seems like it happened decades ago.

Next blog gets Binsy. And more ideas I’ve pushed from the nest.



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