New Year’s Accomplishments III

**Originally posted on Myspace on January 1st, 2009**

I went all Detroit Lions on my New Year’s accomplisments for 2008. 0/5. Pretty shameful when you consider that the previous year I had hit them all. Let me retell the story behind my New Year’s accomplisments, for posterity’s sake. In 5th grade our teacher asked us if we had made any resolutions, and I raised my hand and said I wanted to lose weight. I wasn’t such an image-conscious 5th grader as I was someone eager for a pat on the head for knowing something. Nowadays I’m both, but neither here nor there.
Last year I had to make a movie (technically it happened, but not in the way I wanted), donate blood (not my fault, I got waitlisted), exercise more regularly (c’mon, I didn’t even make a conscious effort), be more selfless (ooh, that one stings a little), and read the whole Bible (surprisingly, this one was the closest to being done).
This year I trimmed down my list to three and hopefully that will translate into me not sucking so much.

–Write a complete short story–I’m excited about this one. I think my writing is to a point where if I actually sat down and revised and edited I could really like the product.

–Learn guitar–Ok, I have a guitar. And a tuner. And friends who know how to play. No excuse for not following up on this one.

–See at least three concerts–Hopefully going to the West Coast for college will open my possibilities to see bands that are actually good.

It’s really bizarre for me to see the blog I posted exactly one year ago. I guess it’s a reminder that for every major change in your life there are hundreds of little things that we take for granted on a daily basis that remain permanent. It’s also really fun to look at how we’ve grown. My, how we’ve grown. *cheek pinch*

Cheers. And Happy ’09.


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