“‘Cause I really wanna chance….”

Only in dreams
We see what it means.
Reach out our hands.
Hold onto hers.
But when we wake
It’s all been erased

-“Only In Dreams” – Weezer

She looked like a radiant zebra. Propped up on one elbow, she had layed on my bed all day, waiting for me to get home. The warm sun shone through the Venetian blinds onto her tan skin in stripes. She grinned that famous grin—the grin boys have sought after for as long as I or she can remember—and brushed a lock of gold from her face. I felt compelled to say something, anything, but I think she caused a sensory overload in my brain. Some cog deep in brain turned dutifully, affording me a smile in return. It wasn’t a sexual dream, not by a long shot, but I couldn’t think of another reason for her to be in my bed.
And then I was sitting next to her on the bed, laughing. My dream-sloshed mind wondered why she had never looked so beautiful at school before. After all, she had never crossed my mind outside of those seven hours a day. Ever. She just layed dormant, there on my bed, waiting for me.I wish I knew what dreams meant.

In other news, I now rest my entire hopes for fandom glory on the shoulders of Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Apparently the weight was simply too much for Tony Romo. I don’t blame him for packing it in early, he’s got Jessica to go home to. But come on, dude, at least make it look good for the cameras. Now it’s up to Sasha and Pau to make my senior year just that more memorable.



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