Hard to believe it’s been four years.

My last blog had roughly to do with change. How even though what we want might not change, what’s expected of us does. Well my 8th grade yearbook showed up the other day to prove me wrong! Here are a few of the things people said then that would’ve made just as much sense if they had written it now:

“Anders Landgren is smarter than u” (very true)

“We used to be BFF’s but whatever. –Cole Kratochvil”

“Keep Avril close to your heart –Chris Berg”

“Matt is sexy” (unknown, but totally true)

“Hey, have a great bar mitzvah!” (my hair WAS really jew-y)

“Hey Matt, I’m sorry I’ve been a jerk too.” (Brittany Irion, haha)

“Hey Matt, you have a lot of hair. Don’t look directly into the sun…it burns…oh wait you can’t look at the sun…there’s too much hair in your face…hmmm…see you next year…may the force be with you la la this this is this is to this is to take this is to take up this is to take up space. Bye. Lindsey Wolfe.” (surprised?)

“Let’s get a football game going –Michael Furstenberg” (He tells me that every Sunday)

“Let’s play poker this summer –Jake McHugh”

“Hey Matt, you suck. Just kidding, but not really –Ren Bauer” (whattan a-hole)

“Jordan Ashment says, I will always remember you as a sexy beast!” (JP!!!)

“Levi Hunt. Jeopardy. 256-6626” (right to the point. I hope all the myspace stalkers call you, Levi)

“Matt, when I first met you I thought you were kinda weird…turns out I was right –Molly Neale”

“Matt, Don’t change. Always be a jerk. Love you! Rebecca White” (what a sweetheart)

“Hey Matt, I hate you but hope to see you next year…so I can kill you.” (this joke would be a lot funnier if I knew who wrote it….)

and finally a gem from Chas Spoonheim:
“Y didn’t you let me play jepordy with you asshole.”

Oh, Chas. Thank you for showing me that some things never change.

Sorry for the transition blog. I have some good ideas though so the next one won’t be such a copout.



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