Why I hoped Karen would beat Pam.

*originally posted on myspace on 8/12/2008*

To paraphrase an old expression, a puffin doesn’t change it’s colorful nose stripes. It’s true. As a general rule, with maybe Jared S. Fogel as a lucky exception, people don’t change. They might try to change, they might even appear to have changed, but as that Scrubs episode with the guy who’s stealing pain pills shows, at the end of the day, people irreversibly return to form. And it’s sad, and it’s disappointing, and it’s a rule of life. Thieves steal, procrastinators proscrastinate, and overthinkers overthink. The best you can do is accept that and maybe be content knowing they’re so much more predictable, because being predictable can sometimes be a good attribute to have. Granted there’s a huge difference between being reliable and being predictable, but either way you know what you’re getting, good or bad.

Here’s a lesson in perspective. Guy A has a great girlfriend. Guy B is “good” friends with Guy A, but wants nothing more than to steal Guy A’s girl. He’s wracked with pretty much every emotion but guilt. It gets to the point where he pains to see the two of them together. Now if you’re like me, you have to side with Guy A at this point. He’s really at no fault here. You have to assume he’s a pretty good guy because you have no more background info. Anybody think of the song “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield? Because that’s the exact situation I described. And yet, after hearing that song it’s hard to not root for him because you start to feel for the guy. Instead of distancing ourselves from the situation, we don’t do far too often, we have our blinders on, content to not…well, I guess analyze a pop song from the 80’s. How do I have time for stuff like this?

That, though, is the reason I was stuck rooting for Karen over Pam for Jim’s affections. I mean, I love Pam and I’m hooked on the whole Jam thing just like everyone else, but Karen was a victim of circumstance. That was a battle I pretty much fought alone, too. How can you not feel bad for someone who meets a great guy at her work, moves to be with him, and then you find out he’s got all this spare baggage including a receptionist that he may or may not be in love with? She didn’t sign up for that. Go Karen.

Oh, and I decided I’d like to be 60% Jim Halpert and 40% Shawn Spencer. But I’d settle for 100% either one.

Oh Oh, and I think my next blog with bee, unfortunately, a shout-out blog. There you go, Nolan.

Oh Oh Oh, and I just realized this is the most depressing time of the year. Or, rather, it should be. With one more year left, I’m actually looking forward to school for the first time ever.

Oh Oh Oh Oh, and Frankenstein? Not bad. The project? Not good.



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