Tivoing my life.

Read this blog by Levi, so mine makes more sense. =] I tried inserting a link, but of course myspace is being a little stupid, and it didn’t work.  And it deleted my last two versions of this blog.  So here comes number three…

Before I left Fuddruckers to go play tennis, the place reminded me of a sitcom.  Ryan played the manager who, although is good at his job, is highly offensive.  Dave was the owner who played the role of vaguely powerful figure that no one actually saw.  And of course there are the employees, whose zany antics provided the comedic subplots.  There was a girl there, a year older than me, named Kaylajo who cooked.  Her and I flirted alot, and I guess if the show was seen through my eyes, she would’ve been my love interest.  We never did more than tease each other though, and I left Fuddruckers taking for granted it’s inability to change.  My last day was quite the season finale though.  Ryan walked out, leaving stunned employees and a pissed off Dave in his wake.  What would happen?  Would Dave purge the restaurant of the “Ryan” guys, myself included?  Would the show be introduced to a new manager?  Everything was thrown in jeopardy.  And I left.
When I came back, my season premiere proved the show had definitely taken a  new direction.  I easily fell back into my role, but there was something different.  Everyone was serious.  The show wasn’t a comedy anymore.  There was drama, and deceit, and betrayal.  I realized that it had turned into a reality show.  Everything was different.  The innocence and lightheartedness was missing.  Employees had hooked up!  We no longer served Veggie Burgers!  The world was on it’s head!  And Kaylajo had been knocked up by her boyfriend and moved to Wyoming.  It finally sunk in one day.  This was definitely not the same environment.  I don’t really know how it’s going to play out, but I’m scared.

I wish I could say whatever I wanted in my blogs.  I wish I could just rip into people who annoy me, who hate me, who need a lesson with total disregard for tact or their well-being.  But I just can’t.  It’s like saying “fire” in a crowded moviehouse.  It’s harmful.  So we all have to sit on our real words and let the lies slip through our teeth.  After all, it’s for the best.  Yeah, right.  I wish for one day we could all just grow a thick skin and take what we need to hear.

There’s an analogy I discussed with Nolan that I think is worth mentioning.  Nice guys know that girls have a problem recognizing how nice they are.  Too often a guy will be too scared or too passive to make a move on a girl and he’ll slip into the legendary <b>friendzone</b>.  From which there is no recovery.  The only way out of the friendzone is a path of no return.  It involves trampling all sorts of boundaries carefully put in place to protect the two of you.  Once the breakup occurs, there is no rebuilding that wall.  Ever.  And so the guy who knows this, waits.  Waits, as the girl throws her morals away to be with guys that everyone but her knows are under her.  The nice guys won’t lie to her.  The other guys?  They’ll say whatever they want, with ridiculous effects.  I don’t think there’s a single guy who’s reading this that doesn’t know what I’m talking about.  The only comfort the nice guy has is that hopefully one day the girl will wake up and realize that that guy that was always there for her, that always shopped for shampoo and conditioner for her, that listened to her crying for hours at night, that was reliable, was the one she needs to be with.  We always hope they’ll give up the sports cars for the reliable sedans that will take care of them.  After all, sedans can be cute, right?


Oh, and to all you Rock Bandians out there, “Snow (Hey Oh)” and “Tell Me Baby” hit the music store soon, and I know I’m not the only one wanting to be more like John Frusciante.


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