The difference between surviving and thriving.

Like so many politicians (who says I’m not newsy?), I have to admit that I have failed you all. This blog will not mention how Fuddruckers has made me somewhat racist. That blog will be the next one, because although I’m done writing it, it’s at school and just like tying my shoes, I’m bad at writing and revising on the run. So you have to wait. But be patient, because you get to hear an awesome story about a guy coming in and asking if he could eat our garbage. I guess I just told you that story. I promise though that the blogs will come more freely, so you can decide whether that’s bad or good. Just putting the words in this blank box, though, feels good. Because I constantly feel like I have to copy/paste my thoughts out somewhere tangible…to some place I can better understand them.
Are you guys familiar with the yo-yo effect? I was pretty sure I made it up until I Googled it. But it’s not, however, the dieting effect that hit 1 displays. The yo-yo effect was first applied during a heated poker match at Stephen’s house. Jake McHugh’s chip stack had gone up and down and up and down rather…like a…yo-yo. I’m pretty clever. Anyway, I’ve basically applied that to my life. I’ve felt like little bits of my life have been bouncing up and down, frantically searching for an equilibrium. I have this obsessive fetish with compartmentalizing my life. Every little facet of my life is interdependent of all the others, and they work seperately, me being the only common link. Lately though, it seems like my entire life has been synchonizing together. Like the power went out in my body and when it came back on the clocks all started at 12:00. Homework has come easier. Friendships have grown stronger. Juggling my tasks have suddenly become clearer. Almost like when I was nine and tried glasses on for the first time. I thought my vision was fine until suddenly I could see everything. I felt bionic. That cold, rainy day (I remember counting the droplets on my window, a feat which before seemed superhuman) I felt invincible, which is how I feel now. Emboldened with the ignorance of adolescence, I’ve never felt better.



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