Sasha Vujacic is a man.

I really wish I had a save button in my head for certain ideas. In the shower today I had an excellent idea for a blog topic, but of course, that idea has long since fled. That kind of thing always happens to me.

My phone was found in the garbage disposal of our sink today. I dunno how it got there, and frankly, I’m not very happy about it. My dad gave our rabbit a bath in the sink, and likely my phone got involved in the whole affair. It’s drying now, and I’m praying that it’s not done for.

What did you guys think about Iron Man? I thought it was good, not great. I’m much more excited for The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, and maybe even a little Speed Racer.

I’m excited for the Lakers second round match up against the Jazz. Naturally I think the Lakers will take it, but in this instance it’s more than that. The matchups are tough. Which European superstar will outduel the other one, Pau Gasol or Andrei Kirilenko? Will Radmonvic drain more threes than Mehmet Okur? Will aging Derek Fisher be able to keep up with Deron Williams? Can the Jazz contain the Kobe? No matter what happens, it will be fun basketball. This is why I love the NBA Playoffs.

I was talking with Seth about this idea before Iron Man, and I’m not sure how valuable it is, but I would love to be able to go to movie theaters and watch live feeds of concerts from my favorite bands. Admittedly, the environment of the whole place would be more mellow, and it wouldn’t as exciting or intense as a real concert, but it would be a fraction of the cost, and you’re really getting a better show. I doubt it would really catch on, since U2’s IMAX concert really wasn’t a gigantic success or anything.

I hate getting gifts for one reason and one reason alone. Your reactions. There are a couple of avenues one can explore. You can go with the straight up excitement. You know, jumping up and down, shouting, thanking. But that whole act is a little fake. You can go the opposite route and do the whole underwhelming thing. Looking at the person who gave you the gift, smile and say “thank you”, real quiet for emphasis. I, however, much prefer a different reaction. Open the present, look them in the face with your eyes arched in a look of perpetual surprise. Hold up the present for all to see (I prefer a 45 degree angle, but this is up to you) and shout something stereotypically teenager-esque. “Awesome!” “Sweet!” “Cool!” The best thing about this method is it works for those gifts that you actually want, but it also works for those out of touch gifts you get from your distant relatives who send you an old Superman DVD based on one conversation you two might have shared at a wedding three years ago.

Cheers. Go Lakers, they’re up 27-24 in the first.

By the way, how do you pronounce the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s name? I’ve always called him Anthony KEE-duhs (it’s spelled Kiedis), but the guy on ABC called him Anthony KY-dough. Interesting.


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