New Year’s Accomplishments

New Year’s Resolutions. What a fantastic opportunity for us to pretend we’re better people than we actually are! You see, basically, New Year’s Resolutions are the chance for us to make subtle improvements to ourselves, to shape and mold us into better human beings. But by February, that’s all down the crapper.
When I was in fifth grade, Mrs. McGill asked us all what our New Year’s Resolutions were. Using my expansive knowledge I had collected on the matter from my astute powers of eavesdropping on adults, and wishing to be the most sophisticated kid in class, I smugly said I was going to get in better shape. Boy, was that a hearty laugh she had.
So, I decided to make my New Year’s Resolutions more like New Year’s Accomplishments. Like, before next year I’m going to watch all the Bond movies! Consider that resolution accomplished.
Last year, I hit all my Accomplishments. Continue blogging? Accomplished! Make out with someone to the song “Dreamweaver”? As shamelessly silly as it is, yes. And it was even better than I expected. Watch more mainstream movies? Eh, why not. Sure. Don’t let my mood hinge on my sports teams? As hard as it’s been with Dallas doing so well this year, I think I’ve done a pretty good job with that. Finally, make new friends. Blew that one out of the water. So on to this year:

–Make a movie. Maybe it’s that zombie movie Nolan and I were going to make, maybe it’s a Behind the Music: Four Alarm Friday (which I AM doing)…I just think it’s something that every kid should do before leaving high school.

–Donate blood. I dunno. It just seems like something that I should do. It’s not like I do anything else for the community.

–Exercise more regularly. Like that wording? Not exercise regularly. That’s too hard. Exercise MORE regularly. There we go. Now that’s New Year’s Resolutions Loopholes 101. Class dismissed.

–Generally be more selfless. I don’t think this means saving babies from burning buildings. Maybe it just means sticking up for my friends more, and making sure they know I have their back.

–Read the whole Bible. Whether I’m reading it to gain knowledge, become faithful, or just for a solid read, it shouldn’t matter. Everyone should read the Bible no matter their opinions. And since I didn’t make “no procrastinating” a resolution, I figure I can put this off until July or August.

Tune in next time to see how Fuddruckers is making me racist!

Cheers. And Happy ’08.


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  1. velinath

    Oh, Four Alarm Friday, what happened to you…

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