My pilgrimmage.

As I trudged on the escalators in Salt Lake City at two o’ clock this afternoon, an older, wider, woman walked ahead of us. Her girth, I’ll say, was obviously slowing her down, and thus the whole line of escalatees slowed down to a crawl. My mother, of course, after we had gotten off Mrs. Toad’s Not-So-Wild-Ride, mentions that she was being rude and should have let other people pass her. This sparked an idea in my head. You see, this lady was oblivious to her shortcoming, as are we all. We have no one to set standards for us but ourselves. For instance, I don’t know what it’s like to be anyone but who I am. The only person I can compare others to is myself. I’m youthful and slim, and I can tell that she’s not. She does not parallel my image of myself, and therefore she’s different. We are all blind to our shortcomings until they are pointed out to us. School grades point this out to us. Therapists point this out to us. But for most people, it’s mean people who point this out to us. By calling someone a fatty, I’m unveiling the curtain in his mind, showing off his fat rolls for him to see. And because we don’t live in Pleasantville, chances are someone has already told him that. We live blissfully unaware of our shortcomings until it annoys someone to the point of action. Thus, mean people fulfill their role in society by refining and perfecting the rest of the human race. Or so they’d like to think. It’s true that without them contstantly revealing others faults we might just live in a world where nice people are driven to madness and suicide because they can’t bring themselves to bring others down. Whoa, that’s a little too cosmic and deep for me. Let’s head for more shallow waters….
The Cowboys game at Texas Stadium proved to me that indeed, Heaven is a place on earth. Packed with 64,000 other people with one hope and will is just mind-blowing. When my stepdad and I started a “block that kick” chant in our section, and indeed they DID block that kick, the stadium just erupted. It almost grew as loud when the section next to us got the wave to go around the whole stadium. I also saw my hero, Troy Aikman, in the flesh, and just about dropped a load in my pants.
That’s about it for me. More stories and pictures from the game will be up shortly but right now, I gotta get some sleep.



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