Less over the hill, more under the bridge.

Naturally, I think we as a race are generally more good than bad, mainly due to what’s socially accepted and what’s not and our fear of ostracization. Who wants to kill someone who’s annoying when faced with 35 to life? I could write a whole blog about that well-known philosophical seesaw, but the point I’m trying to make is, as good people, we instinctively care for each other and (most of us) genuinely feel others’ problems. You may argue with that and say, well, it’s just because you’re glad there’s someone worse off than you. And that’s exactly right. No matter how ridiculously bad the situation is for you, someone else is worse off still. That may make you feel better or worse, depending on the steering of your moral compass, but the simple fact is that it gets hard to complain about your problems when someone next to you has been dismembered, or horribly disfigured, or lost their car, computer, and phone….or anything like that.
This probably isn’t a new analogy, but I thought of it at work and it made me think. Newborns are like Play-Dough. Everybody thinks they’re cute and wants to play with them, etc. But as that child grows up, as the ‘Dough has been out in the world long enough, it dries up and becomes less imporessionable and more cynical. The less it will bend to your will, and the better the chance of it falling down the stairs and breaking.
Logan and I got into a big argument today about whether or not Ben Affleck was a good actor. To be fair, I will present both side’s arguments without identifying the supporter:

Anti Ben: Ben Affleck is nowhere NEAR as good an actor as Casey Affleck. Ben thinks he can act, and he’s good at acting like he can act. But unlike my opponent, Paycheck wasn’t good because of Ben. It was good DESPITE Ben. Ben’s only real contribution to the film industry was writing Good Will Hunting. Do I even need to mention Gigli?

Pro Ben: I’m gay and I like boys, and since Ben Affleck is a boy, I like Ben Affleck.

Ok, so it didn’t go QUITE like that, but don’t I have some valid points? One of Logan’s main arguments was Daredevil. Daredevil. That movie was more horrible than [insert horrible topical joke here]. Casey was fantastic in the Ocean’s movies and he’s a much better actor than Ben. Screenwriting, on the other hand, may be a different story.
I would appreciate some ideas for some more Big 10 song lists. I’ve done sad, happy, instrumental, story, epic, and cover. Any more good classifications would benefit the both of us. Many thanks.
Tomorrow’s my birthday. Big ol’ one seven. Like most people, I don’t really feel different. I haven’t aged maturity wise. I haven’t suddenly grown taller now that I’m seventeen. I really haven’t learned that much, either. What defines your age? Is it your music collection? The movies you watch? The jokes you laugh at? Think about it.



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