I’ve picked my target.

Why does it always take an intense movie like Raging Bull to get me in the reflective mood? Or perhaps the thoughts are always there, just inches from the surface waiting for the right moment to surprise you. It does surprise you though, doesn’t it? I love the moments where I surprise myself. Learning more about yourself is something we don’t do enough of, I don’t think. Think about it: how else are you going to know what you want? It’s been written on the wall, in big, black, indelible Sharpie since the beginning of time: if you want something, you go out and you take it. You make it your own. Lately we’ve been wading around without a purpose. Without something to shoot for. We’re hunters in a pond, only we forgot what season it was. There we are, all trigger-happy and ready to lit up the first thing that moves, not even knowing what we really need to shoot.
Someone who I very much respect told me that no one around here really has anything to aim for. Instead of knowing our strengths and weaknesses, knowing the means of our existence, we’re just waiting for something to happen to us. Just serving our time until we fall into the future that we take for granted every single day. I don’t want that. We have to learn to pick a target and coordinate every motion towards achieving it.

I saw Obama today. The man is really articulate. He seems to know the right answer to every question, as a president should. And he certainly looks the part. But he didn’t fully answer all the questions asked to him. And when he did propose a solution, he never said he was going to pursue it. Only, “this is what we could do.” That worried me a little. I do appreciate his stance on education though. Where’s all this money going to come from to fuel his reform programs? He said the ending the war, which will help, but that’s not going to cut it. He also likened himself to Kennedy and Reagan. I liked that. It was pretty clever. As of now, I think he’s the best candidate to run the country, but then again, we’re not getting the chance to go to a McCain or Clinton rally. It’s kind of a bummer.

Lakers beat Spurs in six, advance to NBA Finals vs. Pistons.



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