It’s always sunny in Helena.

Fresh off the press from the lobby of Days Inn in Helena, Montana. Shay, Kristyna, Kirsty, Karly (it’s ok, they aren’t racist) and I are lumped into the warm meeting area of the hotel, after a long day of tennis. For Shay and I, the day began with our alarm clock going off. For our roommate Stephen, it began with Shay slapping him awake. It was to be that kind of day.
The Helena tennis tournament is surprising unexciting. Even though everyone is entered into intense brackets with double elimination, boys and girls, singles and doubles, were all split up to the far corners of the city. Meaning that company that day consisted of my fellow doubles players. Which wasn’t bad at all since they rock at Frisbee (major highlight). The actual tennis playing was disappointing though. James and I lost out twice in a row, by a combined margin of five games. The whole thing was put on hold for rain delay, and me being the fool I am, decided that squigee-ing the courts would be fun. 30 minutes and two sore arms later, I decided I was wrong. I got a few naps in during rounds, though, and that was the most productive thing I did all day.
I thought of a few other ideas for this blog, which is really just a mess of garbled thought….
How about the nature of guys when their prom dates see friends of theirs at dances? There’s always that awkward nod, the how-ya-doing, maybe a casual question about a safe subject like sports or the weather. That’s it. The rest of the time that the girls are fawning over each other is spent firmly looking up at the ceiling or becoming suddenly interested in a nearby wall.
Anyone else getting spring fever? Helena was so nice and sunny today that it just made me so excited for summer, you know? The whole day felt summery, with no real responsibilities and nothing to do but throw a Frisbee back and forth. That and get pounded in tennis. But we’re not going to go into that.
Question to spark some conversation: Everyone knows someone who has qualities that you wish you had. Ok, technically not a question, but what are those? For example, Jake Kostelecky has a certain vibe (psychotropic or otherwise), that I’m really jealous of. He seems to have things sort of worked out. By no means am I going to imitate his means of intuition, if you get my meaning, but nevertheless I find myself wishing I cared less about trivial things like him.



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