I don’t NEED my targeting computer.

When I was nine, Sam Hooson and I were best friends. One night, after a particularly long session of Secret Agents, I decided to spend the night at his house. That night I woke up in intense pain (for a nine year old). Growing pains. Remember those? I got them all the time. Ones so bad that I couldn’t go back to sleep, which takes us back to Sam’s. Laying awake in his recliner, I stared at his big screen TV looming menacingly at me. What does a guest do in this situation? Wake up the host or tough it out? It’s a complicated question of etiquette that could go either way. I was nine. I woke Sam up. Good thing I did, because Sam had such an amazing solution…

It was a little vial, full of some clear, otherwise nondescript liquid. Shutting his medicine cabinet, Sam hopped off his bathroom sink and wagged the bottle at me. According to this, he said, I was to rub some of the liquid on my legs, and voila! Ah, the wonders of science to a nine year old. The bottle worked like a charm, and the next morning I thanked him and left. It wasn’t until much later in life that I learned words like “placebo”, and “effect”, and “placebo effect” and thought of this incident. I wish I hadn’t because I think we all need a certain element of ignorance in our lives. Remember The Matrix? “Ignorance is bliss”? Absolutely 100% true. Not knowing and understanding everything makes us feel childlike and that’s a good thing. The magic of the little bottle was powerful, and awesome, and I wish I could recapture just a drop of it.

It’s an odd feeling when you realize that you don’t star in your own life movie. I had it happen to me recently. It’s like you’re a supporting actor, a sidekick, in a movie that centers completely and totally around you. Oh, don’t worry. I’ve re-achieved that star status, but it was certainly an odd feeling running around for a weekend watching someone else steal the show. Another life based movie nugget, have you ever wondered if you’re the good guy or the bad guy? I think a lot of times we assume to be the good guy just because, well, let’s face it: you always look for the best in yourself. I do. Everyone does. You’re content to overlook your own errors. Even though Vader may be more of a badass, at the end of the day, everyone would rather be Luke. After all, chicks come pretty easy after you hit that two meter thermal exhaust port.

Analyze your life though. Are you the good guy or the bad guy? Maybe branch out a little bit with your friends. You may find that your original friends aren’t exactly the kind of people fit to blow up the Death Star



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