Five dollars, anyone?

I’m not trying to be a martyr here, but am I the only one who thinks that it’s a lot harder to be a kid in 2007 than it was back when our parents did it? I’m not saying we have a rough life, because we’re very lucky. I’m just saying that for those of us that work thirty hours a week and go to school, not to mention chores and other outside of school commitments, we have a ton of stuff to do. Is it hard at all for you guys or am I just a wuss? I mean, let’s compare me to my dad. My dad teaches. I go to school. Those are about equal, I would say, because he doesn’t have homework and I don’t go to school on PIR days. Now, he has his art. That’s incredibly time consuming. He works very hard and I’m proud of him…. But he does do some art at school, and I do work at Fuddrucker’s a lot. I’m gonna fudge the numbers a bit and say that those are roughly equal. Ok, now he’s got me beat because he has a family to raise and I have chores. Those aren’t remotely equal. But for being less than half his age I think I’m doing ok. Now, I know that that’s kind of a ridiculous comparison, but do I have anyone who agrees that it’s harder to be a teenager now then it was for our parents?
And wow. First snow. How ’bout that? I hated that first feeling of snow in my socks, and I think I’ll hate it everytime I feel it the rest of my life. The snow is beautiful, but cold and bitter. Like someone I know. But that’s not meant for this blog. Instead, let’s talk about Mr. Love Him or Hate Him, Brett Favre.
My manager had an excellent analogy for Brett Favre. Seeing him act it out was better than me just telling you, but he was talking about how Favre is like he’s driving a bus, and he just floors it every game. Many times people are like, “Brett! Stop the bus! That’s the fourth interception!” and he’ll be like “We must press on! We have to win!” and he’ll have a horrible game. But other times he makes it through just fine. I thought that was a really accurate comparison. ..

Any Green Bay fan who wants to make a five dollah bet on the game in two weeks, you know where to find me.



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