Don’t interrupt my Damon-Time.

Ok, so instead of a really nice thoughtful blog about expectations and how amazingly different they are from actual experiences, you get this blog. Why? Because my good buddy ANDERS decided that he was jealous of that blog. So he ate. Or did something else with it that otherwise caused it to be lost outside his ability to find things. I COULD write a blog about how I didn’t expect him to lose it and deprive all of you an excellent blog, but that’s just kind of a cop out, I think.

Giving is better than getting, and I think most all of you agree. Getting gifts is always nervous. You have to really know the gift-giver well in order to act your way out of it. You know that with Grandma you only have to sound enthusiastic, but with Uncle you have to put on a whole song and dance. You have to lie. Why? Because you’re obviously not going to like the Star Wars Episode I Podracer watch that your Grandpa found at an MRM, buying it based on some vague memory of a relative he had that liked Jake Lloyd. But you can’t hurt his feelings, of course! (Not Jake Lloyd’s feelings, he’s a robot, but Grandpa’s) Did I get to obscure for you? My apologies. I tend to do that. But seriously. The reason we love giving so much is that awesome feeling when you give them a present that you think they’ll really love. Which is why you’re counting on them to be good actors, because no one wants to give a crappy present. So there we go again, around in a circle of deceit. Plus we all take pride in giving the perfect gift, and there’s nothing better than the smug satisfaction you get when you know that that Blockbuster coupon doesn’t hold a candle to your custom CD. Which brings up the interesting point that we’re more selfish in giving than getting.

Everyone plays this game, but I just want to read some people’s official responses. If you had to go gay for any celebrity who would it be? Would it be based on looks, or since you’ve already thrown any credibility out the window, would you go straight for cash? Girls, you have to take part in this too. I’d definitely keep it in the first name family with Matt Damon. And if you don’t think that man is a straight-up hoss, I will fight you. That’s no lie.

I just don’t understand people who can watch the same movie over and over and over again. I watched the Departed when it first came out, and I rewatched it a couple weeks ago. I’m good for another year or so. That’s one reason I’m not very good at the movie quote game. I watched Fight Club twice in the same month, and even that was pushing it. I don’t know how Dustin watched it as much as he did. What’s the official count behind that, D? I heard a rumor that you wore diapers so your bladder wouldn’t interrupt what you called your Norton-Time. Any truth?

Cheers, and if you don’t read me before hand,
Merry Christmas


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