Bumpin’ Uglies to the Max

So far junior year is kinda kicking my ass. My grades are ok, as best as I can make them I’m convinced, but with everything going at school what with newspaper, and intermural tennis, and academic team (Mr. McFate won’t leave me alone) plus work, I do feel buried. I can’t blame anyone but myself for it, and that helps because I know that I have no outlets–I just have to deal with it. And I think I’m doing alright so far. I’ve had more fun in the last six months than I can ever remember having.

I’ve been hanging out with different people than I usually do lately. Instead of Logan, Ben, and Levi it’s been more of a Taylor, Hannah, Nolan thing. I’m not sure how thos guys feel about this, but I hope they know it doesn’t mean I’m not friends with them anymore: I just want to try something different. Besides, I’m pretty convinced that Ben doesn’t even like me. As for Logan and Levi, we’re still cool in my book, and hopefully that’s enough.

There are a few unwritten rules of dances that you should always remember to follow. First of all, when you’re a guy, dancing with a girl, NEVER ever make eye contact with another guy. First off, it’s indescribably awkward. It’s too loud to talk to them, and you end up just looking at each other for a second before you realize how badly their dancing. And that inevitably raises the question, “how badly am I dancing?!”, which leads to the self-consciousness that you just can’t have at one of those things. Second of all, you should never tease another guy for “bumpin’ uglies” with a guy when both of you have your backs turned to one another. Chances are they either can’t help it (it’s like a Holocaust cattle car with hip hop music in there) or they didn’t even know he was there. So shut up, Lance, that was NOT my fault.


Sorry this blog is so…blah. I’ve been working on a few topics but I don’t want to post them yet until I work out the proper wording.



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