Big 10: Overrated Songs

This has been the hardest list I have ever had to make for a blog. Mostly due the fact that there are so many overrated songs. While my dad and I differ on opinions on a few of these, many of these we agree on. That gives me a great idea. Dad, if you’re reading this, we should collaborate on one of these blogs. Maybe it’s a list, maybe we do a Battle of the Songs and each pick the winners…I dunno that would be kinda cool. On to the list!

10. Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty: Great song, undeniably. Overrated song arguably. What made this song so overrated? I blame Tom Cruise. Jerry Maguire played a huge part in this song gaining credit it didn’t earn. Nevertheless, I still recommend this song.

9. Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers: This song, and actually ALL of Stadium Arcadium is worthless. I cannot believe what RHCP did with their double album. I hate to say it, but it seems like they compromised what they achieved with albums like Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magick. It doesn’t help that the song became ubiquitous (and no, I didn’t just learn that from English).

8. Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd: Alright, maybe I shouldn’t even try to defend this one. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a somewhat subjective dislike of Pink Floyd. So on we go.

7. Good Riddance – Green Day: Green Day’s breakthrough song puts them in my list not just because of the excessive airplay. I think people genuinely think this song is above average. Green Day’s talent lies in punk rock, not whiny acoustic angst. Am I being too harsh?

6. I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction) – Rolling Stones: This is what forty years can do to a song. Elevated to an almost immortal status, this song is known by EVERYONE. But why? One could argue that it’s simply because it’s be the Rolling Stones. Hmm. In short, this song is overrated. But not as overrated as my last half.

5. Old Time Rock and Roll – Bob Seger: Sucks. A good idea for a song, a throwback to the great rock songs of old. However, I’m reminded of a scene in Risky Business. Wait a second. No, it can’t be….DAMN YOU, TOM CRUISE!!

4. Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who: Not even The Who’s best stuff, but it still ranks among the best classic rock songs of all-time. The guitar riffs are dull, and the vocals are too over the top. Interesting sidenote, what is CSI’s fascination with The Who’s songs? All three shows have Who theme songs….

3. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana: It’s been brought up before that one thing that makes this song so love-it-or-hate-it, is Kurt Cobain’s signature tendency or mumbling through verses and choruses like a drunk karaoke singer who doesn’t know the words to his songs. This, however, is the epitome of that characteristic. “Weird Al” even wrote a song about it. An anthem of teenage apathy, I don’t think Nirvana really liked the fact that this song became so overrated.

2. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin: Imagine this: four muscle-bound men walking in slow motion down a hallway towards the camera. What song do you picture playing in the background? Exactly. Somehow this song wormed it’s way into our pop culture subconscience. Is that a word? Anyway, Led Zeppelin is undeniably a great band. This song hurts their reputation.

1. Back in Black – AC/DC: Surprised? Shouldn’t be. If you argue with this pick you’re either a 7th grader with limited musical knowledge, or an idiot with limited musical knowledge. A great rock song, no doubt, but the popularity it has achieved is mind-blowingly undeserved. There’s little musical prowess in this song and even the guitar solo isn’t anything special. At least the lyrics are above-average.


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