Battle of the Songs VI

1. R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. (John Mellancamp) vs. Born in the USA (Bruce Springsteen): The two greatest American songwriters in the history of music. Or close. Both of these songs celebrate how much tail America kicks, musically. While both these songs overemphasize the chorus and center around the vocal performance, Springsteen has a slight edge in musical quality. His voice isn’t much better than Mellancamp’s, but it is better. And that’s enough to bring one home for The Boss. Born in the USA wins it.

2. Your Love (The Outfield) vs. This Love (Maroon 5): If you’ve been keeping up on my blogs, you’ll know that The Outfield has already ousted “My Love” by Paul McCartney. Up next is a stiffer contest, headlined by Adam Levine, Maroon 5 brings soul and depth to their songs. The only one handicapping this one is the serious over-playage it has received. Both of these songs pack a wallop emotionally, from when we find out where Josie is to finding out just how many times she’s said goodbye. Did that confuse you? Read the lyrics. Your Love moves to 2-0 alltime.

3. Mr. Brownstone (Guns ‘n Roses) vs. Mr. Brightside (The Killers): Surprisingly, Axl’s voice works on this song, and Slash’s tasty licks make this song all the more powerful. Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers hadn’t hit his booming popularity yet, and he doesn’t sound pretentious or anythng on this track. Another overplayed track, but I think its synth-filled chorus motors past “Brownstone”. Throw “Mr. Brownstone” in with the Crowley’s, Robinson’s, and Jones’…Mr. Brightside tops the Misters.

4. Hotter Than Hell (KISS) vs. Cold as Ice (Foreigner): KISS is a fabulous band, and my loyalties will always lie with Gene and Paul. That being said, I was pretty much hooked from that beginning simple piano melody. When the drums kick in, it’s just an instant classic. You’re willing to sacrifice our loooooooove. Cold as Ice easily.

5. How’s it Going to Be (Third Eye Blind) vs. Going to California (Led Zeppelin): A great matchup between a modern classic indie song and a bonafide classic song period. Unfortunately for Led Zeppelin, it’s not one of my favorite. A dull melody mixed with boring lyrics make for a song that easily gets trumped by a soft, sweet, and yes, whiny slow song. How’s it Going to Be in a stunnah over the greatest 70’s rock band of alltime.

Hope this is satisfactory.



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