You come and go, you come and gooo, ooh whoa oh! And a public apology.

    Do you ever feel as if your life is a set of scales? As if everything in your life is somehow dependent on the other things? I know I do, and I don’t think I’m alone. Some days I feel that everything in my life…all the facets and components…rely on each other. For instance, if I have a good day at school, I have a bad day at home. If I meet a nice girl, I lose a good friend. If I win at tennis, I lose at poker. I don’t know if I necessarily believe in karma, and hell, I don’t even fully know what karma IS. It’s just as if somehow, I can’t improve all the qualities of my life without decimating another. Do you guys ever feel that way? Do you guys think that good things happen to good people? What are your thoughts on karma?

Nolan, Hannah, Taylor, Jake and I went to Alkali Creek tonight and checked out their gear. Man, they have it so good. Ignoring the cool stuff like the geodome, swings, and ghetto playset, you have, what I like to call, the Pirate Ship. It’s basically a MASSIVE playset featuring slides that fork down the middle, ramps, walkways, rock walls with rope climbing, those little things where you jump and hold on and you slide across the little pulley thing (oh, you know what I mean), and don’t forget what Nolan likes to call the “death trap”: basically a cylindrical hard plastic net that you climb up and down in. Man, that place was totally awesome, and I’m definitely gonna get a huge group of people and get a game of Gravel going down there. It is BOSS. Nolan and I set up an obstacle course incorporating the whole shebang and I have to say it was pretty awesome. Beats the dumb old fair, any day.

I know that no one can be liked by all, and I know that I’m pretty far from being even close. I know all about my tendency to drive people away with my arrogance, meanness, and all-around dickishness (Webster…there’s your new word). I know that my self-assuredness can easily be taken for unabashed cockiness and I know that that’s not a terribly inaccurate reading. I know there are tons of people who go, “Man, Matt Walks? That guy’s such a jerk!” Chances are I’ve totally earned that label. I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this if you’ve even stuck with this blog this far. My point is, I want people to know that I know that I seem like a douche. But I also hope people realize that I’m not really that bad a guy. Now I’m sure people are saying, “WOW! Now he’s being arrogant again! Bahahaha!” Please hold on to your bahahahas until after I’ve told you that if I’ve been a dick to you, I’m sorry. I really am. More than likely I did it to be funny, and more than likely I wasn’t. So this is me, Matt Walks, issuing a public apology to all the people I’ve been a jerk to. My bad.



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