That’s where we wanna go…back to the Poconos.

   A trip to the backwoods of the Pennsylvania Poconos can do wonders to the body.  For instance, while chasing your 13 year old cousin through a fairly dense thicket in Cops and Robbers you can get numerous scratches all over your back and arms, bloodied and beaten, but totally satisfied that you just took the last criminal into custody for attempted larceny and assault on your six year old partner.  Also, you can become a walking supermarket for literally scores of mosquitos who just want a nibble as you trek the mile from the mini golf course to the air conditioned Game Room in 94% humidity.  You can slip and fall, getting the wind knocked out of you, on a dew-soaked golf course while chasing down your cousin who has stole your phone and is spilling lies to a close friend.  You can even beat your uncle, stepdad, and mom in tennis soundly and still get crap for one shot where you screamed like Sharapova (on purpose).  As you can probably guess, my week was fun-filled and exciting, a little dangerous, and of course a little muggy.  For me, the biggest highlight was New York.  The Statue of Liberty and ESPN Zone equally captured my attention, and even though there’s not much to see, Ground Zero was pretty strange.  It’s basically a huge whole in the ground in Manhattan with a bunch of chainlink fences around it.  So, yeah.  Um….I talked to a homeless man.  He seemed nice and drunk.  He actually spoke more to himself than to me, but that’s ok.  So, all in all, a successful vacation.  I leave for San Diego next week. 
   That’s right, foolios.  I’m headed to the nerd Mecca.  The holy trek all pop culture fans must one day make.  Yes, you know I’m talking about…COMIC-CON ’07!  I am PUMPED!  Indiana Jones 4, Cloverfield, and even the new Star Trek movie with…Matt Damon?!  And if my dad lets me use his lap top, i will be bringing you guys (who care) LIVE coverage!  I’m like G4! Except kinda less important!  So movie and tv show fans stay alert and I’ll give you a little inside scoop.  Wheee!!!
  Bringing myself down to earth, I think people who don’t return calls are contributing more to terrorism than Al-Qaida.  I haven’t quite figured out the details…like why, or how, or even who.  But when I do, I’ma be on your ass like Jack Bauer on a Chinese diplomat. 



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