Counter-productivity gets the job done.

  I learned a little something playing tennis with Tom lately.  When a man is outplayed by a fellow man in a competitive event, he meets a fork in the road.  He can compliment the opponent:  “Nice shot, Tom.”  Or he can be a dick, and just look at the ground as contemplates his failure.  Even if he chooses the first, he’s still a dick because guys only compliment other guys to not appear like a dick.  They don’t care if the other guy says “Thanks” or “Get bent, camel-milker.”  They just get it out of the way to make themselves feel good.  Which kinda seems a little counter-productive because they’re still being a dick.
   Anders brought up an interesting question that initally just flat-out overwhelmed me, until I could sift through all of the criteria.  Greatest band of all-time?  I would think that it would have to be a band that revolutionized not just a genre but all of music.  It would have to be a popular band, who’s name reaches out to even the most culturally nomadic.  It would also have to be a damn good band could just rock.  Which is why I have to give it to The Beatles.  Sure, they’re overrated, but so are The Stones, and U2, and Led Zeppelin and all the other bands that paved the way in music.  The Beatles were, most importantly, there first.  The Beatles pioneered so many different types of music, from early rock, to psychedelia, to even acoustic rock, that the sheer immensity of their impact is hard to see at first.  When you take into account that many of their sales records are still intact despite inflation and the market being flooded nowadays, I think it’s obviously The Beatles are the greatest, now and forever.
    Summer is a great time for movies, and according to Dustin “no other movie this summer is better than Ratafreakinggaymovieaboutamousethatcooks” word for word.  So, if you’re a mindless slave to Pixar like most 2-9 year olds (and Dustin) go see the movie that’s supposedly better than Knocked Up.

Just kidding, Dustin.  I know you’re a 9 year old inside.  And that’s what counts.



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