Battling insanity with a shotgun full of opinions.

Why do the opinions of those who surround us inevitiably matter to us?  I’m sure everyone has heard the “I don’t care what you think” and I’m here to challenge that whoever said that whereever and whenever was lying.  Take girls for instance.  You always here guys ask another guy if they think a particular girl is attractive.  This shouldn’t matter, and when asked he might say it doesn’t.  But it does.  Tremendously.  I may because our friends and family shape our environment.  If, for instance, I date a girl I like but noone else does, people are going to treat me negatively based on the grounds that I have poor taste in girls.  My life begins to worsen due to other people’s opinion.  It’s going to happen no matter what, too.  Maybe it’s not girls.  Maybe it’s a type of entertainment like liking the PS3.  “Oh you like the PS3?  Well, f*** you!  Get the hell outta my face!”  While this is taking it to a wild extreme, I’m confident you get the point.  Perhaps everyone needs a little assurance that they’re not crazy.  “Oh, you think that girls cute too?  *Whew!*  I was worried about myself for a second.”
   I don’t think enough people comment on how gracious and modest most total-dominators-of-their-sport (like Roger Federer or Tiger Woods) really are.  If you want a good look at the alternative, look at poker’s Phill Hellmuth, Jr.  The man has just won his ELEVENTH World Series of Poker bracelet.  Eleven!  That’s more than Johnny Chan or Doyle Brunson who go down in history as the best players of the game.  The fact that he’s still young and in his prime adds to his legend.  The man is as close to a juggernaut a partially luck game like poker can have.  And if you’ve ever heard of his table antics, you’ll know why he’s my comparison.  Simply put, the guy’s a douche!  They call him The Brat for good reason.  If he’s outplayed or simply loses a hand by luck, he’ll throw a fit.  He’s been known to just shred rookie players who get a lucky hand.  Just SHRED them.  Like say just mean stuff, like “You don’t even know what poker IS, f***ing kid!  Get back in your crib!  That tie is seriously horrible-looking.”  Just uncalled for stuff.  I can understand how frustrating it must be for him to be the best in his “sport”  (very loose term) and not win everything he enters.  I imagine that’s how Tiger feels after this latest U.S. Open, but you don’t see Tiger chucking his clubs into the crowd.  He’s classy.  Unlike Hellmuth, who’s like school in the summertime. Yeah, you got that joke, I know you did.
   For being characters meant to deal with mainly children, breakfast cereal mascots are sute a shady crew.  Let’s start with Captain Crunch.  He’s got a BLUE MUSTACHE!  Between him “crunchatizing” tweens and battling his evil french-stereotype nemesis Jean LaFoote the Barefoot Pirate, he’s not a guy you can trust, obviously.  Lucky the Leprechaun is obviously a ragin alcoholic, reasons unneeded.  Tony the Tiger is a freakin’ tiger, aka a man-eating machine.  And the Trix rabbit?  Well, I actually don’t blame him.  All he wants is a little Trix.  Jesus, cut the guy some slack.Cheers.


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