Battle of the Songs III

   Comin’ atcha–Round Three:

Paint it, Black (Rolling Stones) vs. Back in Black (AC/DC):  “Back in Black” certainly packs a wallop, from the beginning guitar riff to the fading guitar solo at the end.  Like some other AC/DC songs, “Back” seems to knock the wind out of you with each slightly redundant chorus.  With AC/DC so overrated, the song loses a bit of flavor though.  Not to say the Stones aren’t overrated, but “Paint”, stays mostly fresh, and the orchestra section is purely amazing.  What makes this song even better is Mick Jagger’s delightfully vague lyrics.  Paint it, Black wins it all.

Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot) vs. Tequila Sunrise (The Eagles):  Can you say “Battle of the Oldies”?!  “Sundown” would take a clean victory if it weren’t for the fact that I absolutely hate Gordon Lightfoot’s voice.  But it’s ok.  Because I hate the instrumentals in “Tequila Sunrise”.  It’s just too countryesque.  After closer analysis it basically boiled down to what bothered me less.  Answer?  Gordon’s voice.  Chalk one up to Sundown.

Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne) vs. Girlfriend (The Darkness):  Let me start by saying if you’ve heard either of these songs, you’ve heard them both, so similar are they.  Both are nice and happy poppy little ditties, one written by a pop artist and one written by a rock band.  The Darkness’ tune is totally different from the rest of their music, and that combined with the fact that all of Avril’s songs sound the same, grant the victory to Girlfriend (The Darkness’ style).  However, I must admit I love them both.

100 Years (Five For Fighting) vs. 100, 000 Years (KISS):  One of my favorite KISS songs versus one of grossest, sappiest, most overly commericalized songs of our generation.  To top off this humiliating defeat, Five For Fighting’s lead singer’s voice sounds like a goat dying in a bear trap.  Or like baby rabbits getting run over by a lawn mower (see the Pedersen family for numerous examples of this horrific event).  100,000 Years wins in the most lop-sided match up I’ve ever had.

We Have All The Time In The World (Louis Armstrong) vs. No Time (The Guess Who):  “No Time” sounds a lot older than it’s 1970 release date.  That doesn’t necessarily hurt this, but it doesn’t help much either.  Some tidbits on WHATTITW–this song was made in 1969, only barely older than “No Time”.  Many know that it was featured in the Bond movie “OHMSS”.  However, did you know that Iggy Pop covered this song for the movie The Jacket.  Starring, of course, Daniel Craig.  Crazy old world, isn’t it?  Oh, did I mention that We Have All The Time In The World cleans house?  It does.


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