Bad experiences, gambling, and shackling Shaq.

   Swallowing your gum is one of the worst experiences a person can have.  Picture this.  You’re sitting there, just innocently blowing a bubble, and it pops.  As you suck in the deflated remains to start another one, it hits the back of your throat and falls out of reach.  Now, you have two choice–two equally bad choices.  
     A. You can start hacking for your life hoping it comes back up and you don’t choke to death.
     B. You can swallow. 
   Most sane people choose B. and it’s a terrible feeling.  It’s not like regular food, you see.  Swallowing gum is almost like a pill.  You can feel it hit your stomach and it’s enough to believe that silly tale that it takes seven years to digest.  As you might imagine, I recently swallowed gum.  The experience was not pleasurable.
   I’ve noticed people play poker the way they live their lives.  Some are very cautious, don’t take much of a risk unless the reward is high.  They’ll only do something if it’s a sure thing.  Others, like me, just won’t lay their cards down until they know they’ve been beat.  I play loose/aggressive poker, meaning when I’m winning I’m really winning.  But when I’m losing, I’m getting the crap knocked out of me.  And then there are others, (I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me saying) like Andrew who play reckless, throwing caution to the wind for the huge pot.  Like Stevie Wonder in front of a dart board, they won’t hit much, but when they do the results are pretty amazing.
   I think a slam dunk in basketball should be worth one point.  I’m sure I sound like my grandpa, but there’s really no need for showing off.  Hitting a jumper from the elbow is just as important, nay more important, than the three-sixty-reverse dunk that made the cameraman shat himself.  When a simple lay up suffices, why be greedy?  Plus players like Shaq would have to have a little more finesse.  I dunno, maybe it’s a ridiculous idea, but I think it deserves at least a little consideration.


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