Perchance to dream.

I have a little notebook next to me when I sleep at night.  During the evening or in the morning when I wake up, I write down all the details of my dreams I can remember.  I think I do this for a couple of reasons:  first of all, Andrew says that this makes your good dreams easier to relive.  This makes enough sense to me.  I mean, letting your subconsciousness get use to something should only make it easier to get into over time.  Like a bank vault that you, over time, memorize the combo to.  Now imagine the best dream you’ve ever had.  Maybe it was being able to fly.  Maybe it was just relaxing.  Maybe it was something dirty.  No matter what it was, it was something you immensely enjoyed.  Now imagine that you have the ability to revisit that dream anytime you want.  This might even put an end to that annoying habit dreams have of ending just when things are getting good.  It’s a powerful idea, and while I don’t have much to report on results-wise, if things get interested, I’ll keep you posted.
   Keeping on the subject of dreams for a second, what are some of your dream tendencies?  I for one never have very unrealistic dreams.  Somehow all of them are tethered to things that could possibly happen, regardless of probability.  I’ve dreamt I was in a shootout with Sam Fisher (Skyview, not Splinter Cell) against Russian Nationalists.  Unprobable, but physically possible.  I’ve dreamt my dog choked to death on my Easter candy and my family ostracized me.  Unlikely, but hypothetically able to happen.  I’ve even dreamt that I went rock climbing on Logan’s roof.  Bottom line is I never have those amazingly cool dreams where I’m reading people’s minds, or saving Tokyo from Godzilla or winning the Greatest Person Ever Award.  Weird, huh?


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