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  Letting people down sucks.  It’s something everyone’s done and has happened to them, but yet nothing changes.  Everyday, people are left hanging out to dry; left depending on people who they thought were reliable.  I let people down all the time.  It cuts me deep knowing that I let them down, and I try hard not to do it again.  But with everything on my plate, sports, friends, school, it inevitably happens again.  I can’t stop it, because it happens when I least expect it.  I think I have everything nailed down.  I’m gonna do this, then this, then this.  Suddenly, BAM!  Holy Let Downs, Batman! 
   Another inevitable thing is pet peeves.  Everybody’s got ’em, and maybe that’s why people are so hateful.  Maybe Iraq has a pet peeve regarding being under foreign control.  Maybe Democrats have a pet peeve regarding gung-ho presidents.  And maybe Don Imus has a pet peeve regarding nappy-headed hos.  Myself, I have plenty of pet peeves.  The plasma pistol/battle rifle n00b combo.  People who get credit for things they shouldn’t.  People who argue that they’re always right when they clearly have a cloudy/selective memory.  But a big one is when people don’t believe me.  I’ll be the first to admit that I lie about stupid petty things all the time; but when it comes to serious things I always tell the truth.  And that’s why it makes me so mad and frustrated when people don’t believe me or contradict me.  I am a little liar.  Everyone is a little liar.  But I am NOT a big one.  You can always count on me to tell the truth in key situations.  Except when I let you down.  Yes, that was a joke.
   I have to be dyslexic.  Some mild form…not all hardcore but I quite often find myself spelling words completely backwards.  Whenever I look at a new word, my first thought is what it would look like backwards, and I waste a lot of eraser at school correcting my weird backward mistakes.  Often many times when I’m writing and I hear a certain word, I’ll write that word down…but I think that happens to everyone.Sorry about the quality of this blog.  I’m trying to get back to what I originally started this blog for.  So please, discuss letting people down and your own pet peeves.


P.S. There’s video circulating of Rocky winning against Mason Dixon in Rocky 6.  I suggest you check it out.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ5T_g3lQpI Kinda cheesy, but so are Cheetos and you still like those.


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