Recycling crap still gives you…crap.

  I was digging through my old blogs on my MSN Space and I came across a few really good blog ideas I used to have.  Amazing, huh?  Anyways, over the next couple days I’m gonna post my really good ones…let’s start with two today.

This one is dated January 05, 2005:

   “theres absolutely nothing to do and this grounding thing is pissing me off…..moms threatening to lop off my hair which is making me MORE pissed off….oh and WILL LAMDEN MUST DIE!!! GOSH! (ND baby) hes so dumb and i was gonna do something when will took my seat in lunch and wrecked it with his chocolate milk spill and UGH im in a bad mood. I WANNA SEE NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE! that is all….o btw funny site…GO TO THE TITLE OF THIS BLOG”

Wow.  I am thoroughly embarassed.  Let’s start from the top.  “my mom is threatening to lop off my hair”.  Oh, young Matt there is so much I need to inform you of…like how hair that long sucks.  Also, apparentally Will was being a major jerk that day.  And me, Mr. Emotional, felt the need to write about it.  Him spilling chocolate milk doesn’t surprise me.  For the record though, I hope he doesn’t die.  I also spelled “Napoleon” wrong…and that movie sucked.  So all in all, that really was a terrible blog.

Here’s another from February 17th:

   architecture…thats the word i missed in the spelling bee. i suppose i cant complain i took second, but still it is frusterating considering i lost to a sevie. i had some easy words like fronds, audition, and fatigues but some other ones were moderate. like autumnal (pronounced a-TUM-nal)….anthony was a very gracious winner but it still feels kinda crappy. I got some gay sweatshirt but its ok. i get to go to county though at MSU-B. FUNFUN! i just wish sarah coulda been with me 😦 YOU GOT ROBBED SARAH!!! 🙂 well i suppose this is getting long enough and i should end it…. im watching survivor and its awesome!!!

  Another wow.  First off, how did I miss that word in the first place?  Second, and more importantly, I actually at one point in my life, typed the phrase “FUNFUN!”?  Why didn’t someone just lynch me then and there?

March 20:

   Well the county bee was yesterday. I woke up at seven and was sick to my stomach at first with nervousness, which is weird because i usually don’t get nervous for these kinda things. I didn’t eat anything either. We got to the bee a little late and I barely got registered. I saw Anthony and wished him luck and it was time. The practice round went by easily and “impossible” was my word. In the first round I had “unfulfilled” which proved easy. Slowly the stage depopulated, the weaker spellers leaving. In the next rounds I had easy words like “ensemble”, “janiform”, and “axiom”, which I had a little trouble on, but I got it. When it was down to the final 8, I got the word “preeminent”. I know how to spell this word, and i said the wrong letter: “P-R-E-E-M-N-” and I stopped. I knew I spelled the word wrong so I spouted off consonants and returned to my seat. After the final 8, you don’t leave the stage after mising a word so I sat up on the stage, disgusted with myself.

Although I wasn’t thinking about it then, the next speller help my fate in her hands. If she spelled her word right, then I would be eliminated. She tripped up on “gusset” and I stayed alive. Even though I had no chance to win, I could still take fourth and continue to state if I didn’t miss another word. I continued into a spell-off with a fifth-grade girl for the last spot to state. I went first and got “cloture” correct. She got her word right, so round two. In round two I got “topiary” and she got her word right as well. Once again I got “affidavit” right but once again she got HER word right. In the NEXT round I got “protean” right but she missed “succinctly” and the final spot was mine. So I waited and watched as Anthony took 3rd and the contest was finished. I was dissappointed however because I knew basically all those words. I just slipped up. I did get a bunch of junk though, like a stupid trophy and such…but it was fun and missoula is in two weeks.

Finally, a well-written blog.  I sorta like the structure of this, and it’s weird going back and reliving this experience.  I had forgotten completely about the county bee.  Perhaps the weirdest thing about the original post, was that I received 31 comments from “u make me wanna lala”.  Hmm….

Finally, one from December 29th:


December 29

Watch The Office and Seinfeld and LIKE THEM
Not necessarily like the Cowboys, but RESPECT THEM [Definitely a must]
Don’t be a hardass
Have respect for Video Games
Appreciate different kinds of music…even Country [Yeah, right.]
Believe Happy Gilmore was the height of Adam Sandler’s acting career [True dat.]
Like the Lakers Girls…(Lakers are optional) [That’s really still true.]
Admit it if you haven’t seen The Warriors [I haven’t.]
Believe the comeback, “That’s what she said!” is just retarded [What was I smoking? That’s classic!]
Appreciate, respect, and practice HYGIENE
Don’t get pissed if all i talk about it Fantasy Sports [The term sports does not emcompass Congress.]
Believe that Ninja’s would defeat Pirates, or at least respect both sides
Know that Adam Sessler is infinitely cooler then Kevin Perreria [And always will be.]
Be familiar these Seinfeld terms: festivus, shrinkage, regifting, Anti-dentite, and man hands
Know that Rocky V, George Lazenby, and The Used/My Chemical Romance’s Under Pressure never ever ever happened [So true.]
Believe that there really is a secret race of Pigmen ….(dang even dont believe that one[Alright, then.] 
Appreciate the fact that the Lion King is the best animated movie from Disney, even if you don’t believe it yourself
FOR THE GUYS: Know that Keira Knightley was the hottest girl to ever act in a pirate movie [How many girls were IN a pirate movie?] 
ADMIT IT if you’ve seen the Notebook
Agree that Family Guy is a funny show
Understand who Gary Poppins is [Wow…old inside joke.]
Be able to keep up in an argument about who the best Whose Line is it Anyways? character is (Wayne Brady)
Appreciate the fact that a score of 136 on Expert Minesweeper is difficult to acquire
Laugh hysterically when you hear an accidentally deeply innuendo remark about a scarf [I laugh hysterically at all innuendo remarks.]
Know where the phrase “Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious” comes from
And Finally: REPLY TO THIS [Even then I was emotionally needy.]

I’ll have some more later…including a really good idea that I had but forgot all about.  Stay tuned!



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