Checkmate, old Chum.

   There’s a lot of things I like about Chess.  It’s kinda like a giant rock-paper-scissors game.  Every piece has a weakness and a strength and the basis of your skill is how well you use the strengths and weaknesses together. I’m in love with the queen…basically my whole game revolves around her.  Anyways, as much as I love about a chess, there are things I think are really stupid.  For example, not being able to castle when you’re in check.  What good is castling when you can’t do it when it makes a difference?  En passant is another thing I hate.  AJ knows what he’s talking about…basically it’s where if you’re on a certain line of a the board, and you’re lined up with an opponent’s pawn, you can just steal him.  Gay, I know.  But most of all, I hate stalemates.  Stalemates shouldn’t even exist.  If a stalemate comes along, it should just be the person who’s winning, wins.  I mean, it’s not like you get anything for stalemating.  It’s a tie.  But if I force a stalemate while I have like two pieces left, I’m not going to get any satisfaction out of it.  It’s basically just like I weaseled my way out of losing.  I sure as hell didn’t win.  Grr.  It bugs me.  In completely unrelated news, I played Logan in chess today thrice (I’m bringing it back!).  I won two, and stalemated him once.
   Isn’t it weird how certain smells, sounds, and even feelings can trigger specific memories?  I’m sure you really don’t need an example, but I’m gonna give one anyways.  Everytime I hear the song “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon, I think of when I was in 4th grade and my little sister was born.  That was the song that was playing on the radio as we drove down to the hospital when I saw her for the first time.  I remember peering out through the dirty windows of our Saab as we drove down that street…I don’t know what it’s called…it’s off Airport Road, ya know the one I’m talking about?  It’s kinda steep and it goes down the rims toward the college?  Anyways, yeah, that street.  And I was thinking about how much different I would have to be when I became a brother (in hindsight, not much).  What’re some weird memories for you?  In fact, what’s the earliest memory you can remember?  For me, it’s being about 3 or 4 and laying on my mom’s waterbed with my dad.  That was a hella long time ago.  
   Bomb threats are scary, no doubt, but what’s going to happen from now on?  I mean anyone can leave a bomb threat when they don’t want to go to fifth period or something.  All they have to do is sneak in a note and hope someone finds it.  It’s fairly anonymous.  It almost feels like it’s going to get ridiculous though, because I mean what’s going to happen when finals roll around?  “Yeah, I think I need one more day of studying, so I’ll just drop off a bomb threat and we’ll get either locked down or evacuated…brilliant!”  People need to start thinking about the repercussions of their actions before they do things.  That’s why one of the first rules in hostage negotiation is to keep them talking.  Because the longer they have to think, the better the chance that they’ll realize it’s a bad idea. 



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