Big 10: Instrumental Songs

The only thing I find frustrating about instrumental songs, is when you hear an amazing one on the radio, it’s not easy to figure out what it was.  Without someone to tell you, it’s practically impossible.  Beyond that, though, instrumentals are a wonderful change of pace from most songs…here are my top ten:

10.  Stun Pike and the Jack In The Box Head – Buckethead:  Buckethead is legend.  The way he plays guitar almost seems unreal and the way he weaves the rhythms in this song, it makes you just wanna listen to it again and again and again.  A great song if you’re just getting into him.

9.  Eruption – Van Halen:  I say the song is by Van Halen, when really it’s just Eddie Van Halen going nuts on his guitar.  He flies up and down the scales extremely fast, and my only complaint about this, is “Eruption” is only a minute and forty-two seconds long.  Some peopel get confused too, because when they play it on the radio, they play “You Really Got Me” right after it because they’re both so short.  A side note, Schmidty can play this song really well on his guitar.  Freaky.

8.  Soy Bomb – Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives:  A very upbeat song which was created for Guitar Hero II.  It’s not a very tough song in the game, but I always play it because of it’s cheerful verses and bouncy choruses.  Maybe I’m crazy, but it sounds kinda Hawaiian to me.  Not like Hawaiian music, but like relaxing and sunny…like Hawaii….  I swear I’m not on drugs.

7.  Bron-Yr-Aur – Led Zeppelin:  Jimmy Page at his finest, right here.  “Bron” is sad, sweet and somber.  If you want a taste, hit up youtube:  about every guitar-playing video poster has a clip of them playing “Bron”.  None of them come close enough to the original though.

6.  Jessica – The Allman Brothers Band:  Even though this song is annoyingly lengthy and kinda grating on the ears, it cracks the list as six.  Why?  One listen should do it.  It’s a classic and despite it’s flaws, succeeds on so many other levels.  It seems to tell a story about a girl named Jessica.  Who is beautiful, but has penchant for annoyingly long stories.  And has a voice that’s kinda grating on the ears.  But you still hang out with her because she’s gorgeous.

5.  Misirlou – Dick Dale and Del Tones:  All you Pulp Fiction fans out there must be happy (actually, it’s more likely that you think this should be higher up on the list).  A great song and it’s only played on one string!  “Misirlou” is filled with adrenaline-fueled riffs and crazy-fast tempo changes.  No doubt this song would be higher if it weren’t for “Pump It”.

4.  Her Lazer Light Eyes – Nullsleep:  One of those songs that always seems to cheer you up, “Lazer” is amazing if only for one reason:  the entire song is conprised of noises from the Game Boy.  Click here for a quick download (it’s free!) and join the happy throngs of Nullsleep fans.

3.  Brazilian Flower – Jean-Jaques Perrey:  If the last song ever failed to raise my spirits, “Brazilian Flower” would be brought in to do the job.  Jay introduced this one to me, and I think he was on the money when he said that he could imagine a 60’s roller coaster montage in this song.  Fabulous song, and I introduced it to Tom, so head on over to his page to cop a listen.

2.  YYZ – Rush:  Canadian power trio Rush provide the runner-up to my list.  Since I can’t even begin to describe it’s awesomeness, let me just explain how the song came about.  The airport code for the Toronto Airport in Canada is YYZ, and according to Neil Peart, “From the hustle and bustle of people moving, airplanes taking off, waiting for arrivals and takeoffs, the frantic pace of missing a flight and the eventual landing at the destination, etc. all is captured in the song.”  How could a song about an airport rock so hard?

1.  Frankenstein – The Edgar Winter Group:  I read somewhere on the internet that this song “grabs you by the ass and punts you” and I totally agree.  I have no idea why Ben doesn’t like this song.  It’s such an amazing blend of hardcore drum solos and face-melting guitar fretwork that it leaves you with a warm, satisfied feeling.  Not unlike this blog.

Well, there it is.  Despite the slight lack of post-rock bands like Explosions in the Sky, I covered a fairly wide variety of the best instrumental songs around.



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