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I really don’t want to do this; it goes against almost everything I like about my writing.  I’m forcing down a blog.  It’s been a while, and I haven’t written just to write and I think I have to to prevent myself from going insane.  However, usually an idea comes to me.  Not today….here we go!   I’ve kicked this idea around for a while, and I don’t really want to go into religion in my blogs, but I feel that I have to.  My religious views certainly are not set in stone.  Here’s the basics of what I believe.  I believe there is a higher power.  I believe that there isn’t an afterlife.  I believe the Bible is based partly on facts, and partly on legends of the time.  Perhaps it wasn’t intended to be taken as literal as we have.  I don’t think we can totally place faith in everything and be right, though.  We can take ideas, adapt to them, and use them to help ourselves and others, though.  Right now, here’s the problem I have with Christianity:  When we look back through time, we see thousands of cultures, most with their own religion.  Take the Egyptians for example.  They were positive that they had things down with their multiple gods Ra, Amon, Anubis, etc.  And yet, when we look back on their religion, it just is too easy to laugh at them.  It becomes to convenient to say “HA! They believed in multiple Gods!”.  There’s a point where it becomes hard to not laugh at other religions.  Scientology?  Rubbish.  Mormonism?  A stretch (sorry, all you Mormons, you’re still my friends).  The problem is that I find it tremendously arrogant to think that Christianity is the one true religion.  We’re doing exactly the same things that cultures before us were doing, and we scorn them for not believing in The Way.  That seems at least mildly hypocritical to me.  This obstacle is the only thing preventing me from buying into Christianity 100%, and I don’t think faith will help me overcome it.  Maybe it’s just something I’ll come to terms with later on in life.

Wow, I never meant to get that deep in any of my blogs.

Let the flaming begin.


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