Battle of the Songs

This is an idea I’ve been kicking around in my head a while: I’ll take relatively dissimilar songs that have only contradicting/similar titles and I’ll stack them up against one another and see which one’s better.  Here’s Volume One, and if you like it, I have many more.  But if you guys think this idea is more worthless than a golf club in a thunderstorm (Hollaaaaa!) then I’ll stop.

Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty) vs. Float On (Modest Mouse): My first matchup already demonstrates how hard this is going to be.  These songs, for the msot part, are radically different.  While MM talks about how life’s going to be ok in the end, Petty ponders on what a jerk he was to a certain girl and how guilty he feels about it.  The tones are entirely opposite.  But where Tom Petty’s song is classic and can never be replaced, Modest Mouse’s musical genius is a little overwhelming.  I give the win to Float On.

Hold On Tight (ELO) vs. Hold On Loosely (.38 Special): One of the more lopsided matchups in my opinion.  .38 Special’s advice is priceless for relationships, and while I can’t get that driving synthesizer from the beginning of “Tight” out of my head, “Loosely” runs away with this one and never looks back. Hold On Loosely takes the cake.

Girls of Summer (Aerosmith) vs. Boys of Summer (Don Henley): As Levi would say, “I do love me some Aerosmith”.  This songs lyrics are sweet, but its melody is sweeter.  Plus, what guy would rather look at boys in the summer than girls?  That being said, Aerosmith falls short.  “Boys” is depressing, reflective, and youthful.  A nice anthem for our parents, but a better one for us.  Boys of Summer wins.

Gimmer Shelter (Rolling Stones) vs. Gimme Stitches (Foo Fighters):  I had a lot of trouble with this one.  I listened to “Shelter” and “Stitches” alternatively for a good half hour and I still hadn’t reached a decision.  Both are musically sound (no pun intended), and have agonizingly brutal lyrics.  “Rape, murder!  Its just a shot away” against “How can you go on when you’re murdering someone?  Killing me like you do”.  Wow.  Rough stuff.  I’ve decided to go with Gimme Shelter, though, because “Stitches” dragged out too long.

Jukebox Hero (Foreigner) vs. Barroom Hero (Dropkick Murphy’s):  Coming into this matchup, I was definitely more familiar with “Jukebox”.  I hadn’t listened to a lot of Dropkick Murphy’s work, so to prep myself I put this song on repeat play.  It’s pretty good, and I tried to make myself as unbiased as possible, but it was unavoidable.  Jukebox Hero gets the nod.  “He heard one guitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!”

So many more good matchups come to mind…Jack and Diane vs. Frank and Lola?  Hotter than Hell vs. Cold as Ice?  My Love vs. Your Love?  I’ll wrap this up by saying that while this was fun, maybe it wasn’t as fun for you as it was for me.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Undying pledges of affection?



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