Battle of the Songs II

  I don’t care whether or not you guys wanted me to do another one of these, but they were WAY too fun for me.  So, here’s round two:

My Love (Paul McCartney and the Wings) vs. Your Love (The Outfield):  This matchup is way too easy for me, but the song titles were basically begging me to this one.  “Your Love” just has everything great about 80’s rock packed into it.  It’s songs like these that make me want to strangle Ben when he said all 80’s music sucks.  “My Love” is alright, but it lacks punch and flavor.  Your Love wins it all.

One (U2) vs. One (Three Dog Night):  Another one I was really excited about.  How would Bono’s ballad stack up against the famed greatness that was TDN’s “One”?  It turned out quite well.  Both are heartmeltingly sad and depressing.  U2’s “One” doesn’t quite have an edge to it (until they did it with Mary J. Blige) but it works, nonetheless.  The Edge’s licks are polished and perfect and snatch a victory over TDN.  One wins, either way, but it’s U2’s version that trumps all.

Take On Me (a-ha) vs. Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand):  Another great 80’s song against another amazing alternative hit!  I grew up listening to “Take On Me” and it’s hard to even think twice about giving the win to a-ha.  To Franz’ fairness though, I listened to them back-to-back, and surprisingly I found myself wanting to listen to more Ferdinand.  And so Take Me Out upsets a-ha in a rather shocking way.

Los Angeles Is Burning (Bad Religion) vs. The Night Chicago Died (Paper Lace):  “Los Angeles” really got me into punk music, and even know I’m not quite a punk aficionado, I do know that Bad Religion has been putting out music this good for years.  The lyrics are amazing, and the thought of the apocolypse-like occurence he’s describing is a little scary.  “Chicago” also has great lyrics dealing with the mob fight between Al Capone and the cops.  Which one’s cooler?  It’s up to you, but I’m siding with Los Angeles Is Burning on this one.

Manic Monday (The Bangles) vs. Tuesday’s Gone (Lynyrd Skynyrd):  I was tempted to put Daniel Boone’s “Beautiful Sunday” on here, but I didn’t think enough of you would know it.  So, I chose the less perfect match in “Tuesday”.  “Tuesday’s” famous for many things, not the least of which is its bittersweet melody played at the end of movies (most notable Happy Gilmore).  The lyrics aren’t anything groundbreaking, though, and if anyone else were singing it, it would probably sound better.  “Monday” carries over so well that I work out to the Relient K remake.  The only regret I have about “Monday” is it’s repetitiveness.  Manic Monday still beats out “Tuesday” though.

Man, I love those.  I would appreciate your guys’ input, but know that I probably won’t stop doing these unless I run out of ideas. 



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