Halo, 1979 hits, and electric cars.

   I’m officially addicted to Halo.  I rarely even play online (no Xbox Live), and I’m so hooked to it, that I now have two tv’s/xbox’s hooked up in my room for instant system linkage.  There’s just something about it that’s so amazing.  For those of you who play Halo, you know what I’m talking about.  I’m sure every girl who reads this is pretty much like “whatta silly video game!” and it is.  But it’s terribly fun.

   Talking about life on other worlds in science class really has me thinking.  The odds that life exists elsewhere are almost overwhelming, yet we know almost nothing about what that life could be.  Almost certainly they don’t look like us, and are probably not even humanoid.  I think Ridley Scott had a better view of aliens that lot of other filmmakers.  What if their life never got out of the cesspool it started in?  Barring huge leaps in scientific knowledge, the human race will probably die out without ever encountering other living beings, and that disappoints me.  It’s amazing how insignificant your life can seem if you look at things in the largest possible scope.  Think about the problems in your life right now.  Now fully realize how tiny they are.  They’re a drop of water in the ocean.  It does make you feel better about situation for the time being.  It makes you realize that you don’t have that much time and you can’t afford many squandered opportunities.  Maybe you’ll go out and do something about them now.

   On an unrelated note, I think that whether or not global warming is occuring (yes, Mr. Kinman, I’m a bit of a skeptic), it’s not going to matter in the end.  Nothing drastic will happen in our lifetimes, and eventually we’ll nuke ourselves to death before any melting ice caps can kill us.  You can do what you want but I’m not getting an electric car anytime soon*.

* – An electric car is better than no car.


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