A guy walks into a bar with a Buddha under his arm….

Our culture, that of the American teen, is really sad. Look at us. It’s like “I’m like, she’s like”, it’s all “he’s all, she’s all”, etc. We’re cruel, hurtful, and some of us are ugly. Hmmm…that last sentence reminded me of that Sesame Street skit “One of these things is not like the other”. Anyways, I wrote this blog because I find jokes, sarcastic remarks, and cracks about other people amazingly fascinating. I feel I am entitled to this blog as a forerunner of these field.

When I say a joke, such as “Wow, that haircut makes you look like a fourth grader! Juuuuust kidding” I look like a huge jerk. Number one, if it wasn’t true I wouldn’t have said it. It wouldn’t be even remotely amusing if it didn’t have that particular shred of truth to it. Had I said “Wow, that haircut makes you look like an amputee! Juuuuust kidding” it wouldn’t have been funny at all. Not even close. And pointing out that flaw just makes me look like an A-hole. Second of all, the only reason I’m saying it is to get a few laughs. If it was just haircut-boy and I in a room together alone, I wouldn’t say it. It wouldn’t be funny*. I say it for the reaction, that spark of laughter in an onlookers eyes. Maybe just a little bit to make myself feel better. Because God knows I’m just as big a target as everyone else (ok, MOST everyone else). One final reason that I look like a huge jerk when I say a joke like that is the fact that it’s just plain meanspirited. This boils all the way down to “if you don’t have anything nice to say,…”. I could say “Hey, that haircut looks good!” but I’d be lying.

So what’s worse? Being facetious or being a jerk? If you don’t say anything, you look like a jerk, too! I guess the best way out of this situation is to be a very good liar and tell them they look good. I don’t know about you though, but if my haircut looks terrible and I don’t know? I WAN’T you to tell me. So really I’m doing them a favor by making a sarcastic remark. And maybe I’m also rationalizing my horrible behavior.

* – The only time this really doesn’t matter is when the person you are talking too can be self-deprecating and can take a joke.


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