Why Coldplay Sucks

Alright.  So this is a rant.  Does anyone know what we do in a rant?  If you were to guess “mail out Christmas cards”, you’d be wrong.  I don’t know if you’re a Coldplay fan, and I don’t care if you are.  Frankly, they SUCK.  Need any concrete evidence?


Not a bad song right?  Now look at this:


OMG–It’s the same song, right?  Right! In a way…you see those melancholy bastards took essentially the same song, added new lyrics, changed the piano line a tad, and now, VOILA! They have a brand new song…and a hit no less!  It’s time to stand up to these jerks (along with Nickelback) and say NO MORE!  I’m demanding new and interesting songs!


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