One Puzzle, Six Billion Pieces

I had a depressing thought. Everyone has to have someone in the world who meshes together with them in perfect harmony. Some people are easy enough to have multiple people. People are like puzzle pieces when it comes to relationships. Some are wavy and easily connectable to a million other pieces. Others are shaped like a snowflake, and will never fit another piece. If you try to force a connection, someone gets broken. Divorces, break-ups, weddings called off, these are people who realize that they picked the wrong piece to connect to. It’s depressing to think that in your lifetime, there’s an overwhelming chance that you will never meet that piece that fits yours. Or maybe you did meet them. Maybe you bumped into them once when you were on vacation in their hometown. Maybe you see them everyday in a subway, across the street, at the local deli. Maybe not. Probably not. Almost definitely not. My point is, it’s depressing to think that you probably won’t find that perfect someone. Most people compromise, give up a little of their piece to establish a connection with someone else. I wonder if any couple out there truly has a perfect connection….


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