It’s Lonely At The Top

Ever notice how all of your friend’s houses have a distinct smell to them? If you don’t, next time you’re at one of their houses, dig through their dirty clothes basket and smell their clothes. Seriously. They won’t think you’re weird or anything, I promise. Anyways, that smell mystifies me. All my friends have a different smell to them, and I can even distinguish one smell from another. Does this make me a psychopath? I prefer the term “human drug dog”. Why is that smell there? I’ve heard some excuses that it’s in the family’s laundry detergent, etc. But I don’t think so. I think you’re smelling the soul of that family. Not really of course. But for the sake of this blog, yes. Another quirky little thing is that I think it’s nearly impossible to smell your OWN family. For me, it’s different. I can identify clothes that came from either my moms or my dad’s house; but, I’ve asked some of my friends, and they don’t know what they “smell like”. What is this mysterious smell? Could the laundry detergent theory have any credit to it?

I finally watched all of the Demetri Martin videos, and he brings up a couple fascinating points. “Wouldn’t it suck if you were a bird who was afraid of heights?” and “Once you take the house of the tree it ceases to be cool” are some of my favorites. He entertains you while making you think, and I really like that. Here’s his link.

I thought of something interesting on the way home tonight. Who does Samuel L. Jackson look up to? He must’ve, at one point, looked around and said “Man, I’m alone here. No ones more motherf***ing badass than me”. Who’s cooler then Sam Jackson? Nobody. And I’ll bet it’s lonely at the top.


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