Big 10: Sad Songs

Alone on a Saturday night??

Got no girl to hug?  Feeling that self-pity closing in like a pack of wolves?  Check out these:  my top 10 anti-love/sad songs…because making a countdown is a cop out for a blog!!  Just be lucky I didn’t put “Bye Bye Bye” on here….

10.  I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor:  One cheesy song was bound to break the list and this is it right here.  As campy as it is, it actaully carries a powerful message…maybe if the disco died down I could actually interpret it.  Oh well….

9.  Somebody’s Baby- Jackson Browne:  What a depressing song.  In nutshell, this song is about a guy who sees this beautiful girl, but doubts he has a shot because shes so good looking.  Instead of actually trying for her, he just says “she’s probably somebody’s only light, gonna shine tonight”.  It actually motivates you to go out and get that person you like.

8.  Miss You-Rolling Stones:  This song’s protagonist can’t even function properly without his girl.  Hearing about him “stumbling around Central Park singing” makes your own situation a little more bearable.  I think I would make Ben shoot me if I ever wandered around Edgerton singing, over a girl.

7.  You’re Only Human (Second Wind)-Billy Joel:  C’mon, you had to know that the piano man was makin’ this list.  Even though he goes a little overboard with the synthesizer in this song, it’s upbeat tempo can’t help but cheer you up.   He actually does a pretty good job of convincing you that it’s gonna look up.

6.  One-U2:  Masters of the sad song, U2 cracks my list with this classic.  It’s not entirely clear what this songs about, but it’s certainly sad and talks about the terrible things his girl makes him do for love.  But he does it, not because she deserves it, but because he knows that sometimes you just have to suck it up and get over a rough spot in a relationship and move on. 

5.  Can’t Stand Losing You- The Police:  With lyrics like “Called you so many times today, and I guess it’s all true what your girlfriends say, that you don’t ever want to see me again, and your brother’s gonna kill me and he’s 6’10″”, Sting and his gang do a GREAT job of making light of the whole breaking up thing, and it makes you feel a little bit better that your ex didn’t smash you entire LP collection, like Sting’s did.

4.  Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)- Journey:  Steve Perry’s booming voals drive this one in…like the final nail on the break-up coffin.  The lyrics carry over a sad, but understandable feeling.  Which is exactly how we should act when someone breaks up with us.  Which is exactly how we don’t act when someone breaks up with us.

3.  I Want You Back- Jackson 5:  Groovy.  One tasty lick.  Michael Jackson at his most innocent.  All these phrases describe this one, and one night I even listened to it on infinite replay.  It’s just such a happy song….”Oh baby give me one more chaaaaaance….”

2.  If You Leave- O.M.D.:  “If you leave, I won’t cry, I won’t waste a single day, but if you leave, don’t look back, I’ll be running the other way”.  O.M.D. (Orchestral Movements in the Dark) struck the 80’s romanticism perfectly, and it’s still deliciously cheesy and wonderful today. 

1.  Telephone Line-E.L.O.:  One listen to this song should tell you everything you need to know.  It’s raw, emotional, powerful, and probably my favorite ELO song…which is saying quite a lot because they are one rockin’ band.  The very beginning of the song is the best, in my opinion…because my opinion matters the most in this blog.

 Well there you go.  If you liked this countdown, check out my other countdowns for happy songs, story songs, cover songs, and even instrumental songs!



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