Big 10: Happy Songs

So, I’m doing another song countdown.  This time it’s happy songs, so instead of crying to ELO, you can smile and laugh with Tenacious D!

10.  We Are The Few – Streetlight Manifesto:  Let’s start things out with ska.  Ska is probably the most cheerful musical genre (musically…I dunno about some of those lyrics…), and I would never have discovered this song or band without it being on Travis’ myspace.  Thanks, man, I owe you many sad-turned-happy days.

9.  Video Killed The Radio Star – Amber Pacific:  The orignal version of this song is so happy that when you give it a healthy dose of punk by San Diego band Amber Pacific it becomes even MORE smile-inducing. Oh-wah-oh!

8.  …Baby One More Time – Britney Spears:  Wow…Britney was really hot back then.  Instead of paying attention to the current cellulite-ridden Mama Spears, take a trip to the past and listen to this.  Bonus points is you watch the Catholic School Girl video.  DOUBLE bonus points if you listen to this song backwards and hear “Sleep with me, I’m not too young!”.

7.  What a Wonderful World – Joey Ramone:  If this guy can be happy and sing this song WHILE HE HAS CANCER AND IS DYING, than you can too.  Wait a second, this isn’t a happy song…it’s horribly depressing and CONTAMINATING THE LIST!  We got a 2319!

6.  Back In The U.S.S.R. – The Beatles:  “The Ukraine girls really knock me out / they leave the West behind / the Moscow girls make me scream and shout”.  100% proof that The Beatles are better than the Beach Boys.  Here, The Beatles made basically a Beach Boys song (it’s like the European answer to California Girls), but made it BETTER.  Suck on that, Brian Wilson.

5.  Wonderboy – Tenacious D:  It was really a big temptation to put City Hall or Friendship on here, but, while City Hall and all the others make me smile more, when I hear “Riggagoogoo, riggagoogoo” I always laugh a little inside.

4.  Superman – Goldfinger:  Another ska song.  Another ska song I didn’t discover on my own.  Props to Tony Hawk on this one.  What a fun game.  Anyways, this song is great and it’s pretty hard NOT to toe tap to.  Or hum.  Or (as I’m sure Travis does) sing passionately.

3.  Trapped In The Drive-Thru – “Weird Al” Yankovic:  Easily the best comedic singer I’ve ever heard, this just highlights some of his best stuff.  Once again, I was tempted to put some other Al songs on here, but I thought I’d put this one on here because it’s new and still fresh to me.

2.  Lunchlady Land – Adam Sandler:  Perfect.  He has great comedic timing and the lyrics are sheer brilliance.  The only thing better than the audio version is the video from SNL with Chris Farley as the moled lunchlady herself.  Classic.

1.  Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen:  No other song in the history of the world can get a group a strangers to sing-along so quickly or enthusiastically (Come Sail Away comes the closest).  When this song comes on the radio, I think it’s a law somewhere that you MUST sing if you know the words.  Double must if you’re in the company of like-minded individuals.

Well, there you go.  A few more songs you should download and listen to. 

Because I said so.


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